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Credit Card

A valid credit card and signed authorization to charge credit card for any work and chemicals must be on file in order for Blu Sol Pools to schedule your services. If you will be pre-paying in, we still require a credit card number and signed authorization so any additional work/repairs can be scheduled. In accordance with NJ state law, if your services total is in excess of $500, you may be entitled to certain rights which are provided in this package under service and payment terms & conditions. 

Please select services below:

Basic Pool Closing (Price $350.00 plus tax)

Basic Pool Closing includes up to 1-1/2 of labor to perform basic closing services. This includes full system backwash, drain pool 12’ to 18’ or below the lowest return pipe, apply high volume air blower through plumbing to remove remaining water, apply anti-freeze liquid to all skimmer openings, seal all return and skimmer openings,
remove all pool accessories, winterize filter / pump / heater, addition of shock / algaecide and install cover onto
*Note: additional time may be required to complete if you have a spa, waterfall, water feature, multiple systems,
etc. Additional time will be billed @ a rate of $62.50 per each half hour.

Trash Vacuuming (Price $125.00 plus tax)

Includes up to one hour trash vacuuming prior to the closing of your pool.
*Note: If additional time is required, it will be billed @ a rate of $62.50 per each half hour.


Winter and/or Spring Cover Service (Price $200 plus tax, per visit)

All pools with mesh covers will have an excessive amount of rain and snow over the winter. When the water rises above the tile and freezes, tile and coping damage can occur from expansion. We offer winter cover service calls to keep your water at a safe level. For all other types of covers we also check the equipment, pool cover and add chemicals to balance the water and prevent algae growth. We will not warranty winter damage, but we can try to prevent it. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to monitor the water level. The Spring Cover Service if for pool owners who want a head start getting their pool swim-ready. Balancing the water also helps to protect your equipment / interior finish or liner.

Salt Cell Cleaning (Price $60.00 plus tax)

Protect your salt cell from premature wear. At closing, we will clean your salt cell with a solution of water and
muriatic acid to descale any deposits and start the next season off with a clean cell to generate chlorine efficiently.

Zinc Anode (Price $150.00 new/ $75.00 replacement, plus tax)

The in-line zinc anode is attached to the bonding wire, thereby helping to protect all metal parts (heaters, lights, rails, etc.) from corrosion. Zinc anodes will sacrifice themselves and corrode before all other metals in your pool. Zinc anodes need to be replaced every season.

Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping is available to seal and protect your equipment from the elements. Shrink wrapping must be done at the time of your pool closing:

Equipment pad (pump, filter, heater) $100 plus tax

Equipment pad and diving board $125.00 plus tax

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